Ebisu House Room Room # 1 (Daikokucho Station)

Osaka city, Naniwa Ku

¥39,000 yen (Plus Utilities)
per month

Available from: July 1st, 2024

Size: 15 m2

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About the property

🏢 Ebisu House room #1 / Share House- Daikokucho/Shin Imamiya Station

📍 Osaka City, Naniwa ku

🔑 Rent: ¥39,000 per month/plus utilities


This is a 3-story shared house for Japanese and non-Japanese. It has a total of 6 bedrooms and prices range from 33,000 yen to 39,000 yen per month plus utilities. Internet is included and there is wi-fii in the house for everyone to use.

The house is clean and is fully furnished. There are 2 traditional Japanese style rooms with tatami mats as well as rooms with flooring and carpet. There is also a large balcony.

There is one bedroom on the first floor by the entrance, two bedrooms on the second floor as well as the common dining / lounge area and kitchen and bathroom/ shower. And there is also another toilet on the 3rd floor as well as 3 more bedrooms and a large balcony area.

The house is located a 5 minute walk from Daikokucho station. Pretty much everything you need is in the share house. Great for students or teachers etc.

If you would like to drop by and view the house, please feel free to drop by and we will take you for a tour of the place.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@apollopropertiesosaka.com or you can call Bruce directly at 090-7490-6251.

For inquiries in Japanese please call Masatoshi at 090-8980-7535Nearby

Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market / Fish market near Daikokucho station

Dotonbori is a few minutes' walk away.

Namba Parks shopping center.

Tennoji zoo

Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Shinsekai and the Tsutenkaku Tower

Tennoji park

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