About our fully furnished apartments

How it works

Fully Furnished or Fully Equipped Apartments, are apartments that allow people arriving directly from overseas a very easy transition into life here in Japan. Yes of course it is possible to arrive and stay in a hotel and start looking around for properties on your own when you first arrive, but most likely you may be occupied with the starting of a new job, may have little or no Japanese language experience and may be generally at a lost as to where to begin your search. We recommend that people take a bit of time to get to know the city before making any decisions regarding where they plan to live long-term.

After a couple months of commuting to and from your new workplace or school etc. and having the time to understand where you will spend your free time hours, we believe you will be better able to make a well-informed decision of where you would like to live for the duration of your stay in Japan should it be long term.

Thus, this system of arriving, unpacking and starting your new life appeals to many newcomers here in Japan. The relatively short 3-month minimum stay contract allows you the freedom to decide where you would ultimately like to live in relation to your work as well as your private life. In fact, many Apollo Properties` customers stay in the fully-furnished apartment they rent for years on end.

Note: Generally speaking, non-furnished apartments offered through most local Japanese real estate offices cannot be reserved from overseas as you must be here in person in order to complete a detailed application process. The application process can take up to 2 weeks depending on your application details. The management company of the apartment you are interested in renting will then either accept or deny your application. This process can be time consuming thus making it a good decision to rent a fully-furnished apartment or a private room in one of our share houses for when you first arrive in Osaka.

A fully furnished apartment located in Namba, Osaka.
A road of shops in Shin-sekai, Osaka.
A fully furnished apartment building located in Tennoji, Osaka.

Everything you need to get settled

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Fridge

  • Stove

  • Dining Table / Chairs

  • Garbage Can

  • Micro-Wave Oven

  • Assorted Pots, Pans, Cutlery

  • Bedroom & General living
  • Bed

  • Air Conditioner / Heater

  • Curtains

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Wardrobe (Where No Closet Is Available)

  • 1 Roll Of Toilet Paper

  • Clothes Hangers

  • Living Room
  • Sofa (Space Permitting But Many Places Have One)

  • Coffee Table ( In Apartments That Have A Sofa)

  • Wi-fi is generally set up in 95% of the furnished units

A fully furnished apartment located in Namba, Osaka.
The Apollo Properties office located in Namba, Osaka.

Our move-in process

Below is a brief outline of the process to obtain a fully-furnished apartment through Apollo Properties Osaka.

  1. First and foremost send us an email through the contact page on this site regarding the type of property you are searching for.
  2. View the online list of properties we currently have available or have coming available and decide upon an apartment or share house that best suits your needs. If you are not planning to arrive for a few months please inquire as to upcoming openings that might not yet be posted on the site.
  3. After having decided upon a place that meets your timing, pricing as well as size and location requirements, please let us know which place you have decided to reserve.
  4. Please wait for a confirmation email from Apollo Properties after which we will send you a Paypal money request for 20,000 Japanese yen to be used as a holding deposit.
  5. After having completed the money request please send us your arrival details to Osaka. (Train or flight itinerary) If you are currently in Japan please just let us know the day and time you would like to meet and move into the apartment.
  6. Having received your arrival details, we will send you a detailed information attachment by email. The details will include the apartment address, arrival/pick-up/meeting place, due on arrival costs as well the rental agreement for you to look over at your leisure before arriving.
  7. On the day you arrive we will make copies of your passport and or residence card. We will collect the due on arrivals costs amount in cash in Japanese yen in full and will explain the contract and answer any questions you may have.
  8. After the contracts have been signed and all the paper work has been completed we will then take you to your new home and explain how to operate things in the apartment such as the washing machine, stove, air-conditioner etc.
  9. Time permitting, we will give you a brief neighborhood orientation and point out places of interest such as super markets, the post office, parks, the city office etc. This could take place the following day if you arrive later in the day.
  10. Finally, you will be given the key to your new home and you will be ready to start your new adventure in your new apartment here in downtown Osaka.

Note: You will need to register your new address at the local ward office soon after moving in and should you need assistance with this, we will be able to go with you and help you.

In short, we are all about service. If you need help and we are able to provide it, we will be glad to do so. Allow us the opportunity and we will prove it to you!

Start your life in Osaka on the right foot